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Lamduan's Sour Yellow Curry Paste

Lamduan's Sour Yellow Curry Paste

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Sour Yellow Curry Paste 50g

Bring the tangy and unique flavours of Sour Yellow Curry to your kitchen with Lamduan's Sour Yellow Curry Paste. Made with a blend of fresh herbs and spices, this authentic Thai recipe is perfect for adding a tangy kick to your favourite dishes. The Sour Yellow Curry dish is a speciality of Southern Thai cuisine, Use this paste to create a variety of Sour Yellow Curry dishes, from soups and stews to marinades and stir-fries. Made with all-natural ingredients and containing no preservatives, Lamduan's Sour Yellow Curry Paste is a must-have for any Thai food lover looking to experiment with new flavours.

No preservatives, MSG, or artificial colouring


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