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Beksul Pork Bulgogi Marinade

Beksul Pork Bulgogi Marinade

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Pork Bulgogi Marinade 290g

Ingredients: Red pepper paste(corn syrup,wheat,red pepper seasoning,defatted soybean,salt),high fructose corn syrup,water,soy sauce(water,hydrolyzed soybean protien,salt,high fructose corn syrup,defatted soybean,wheat,cooking rice wine,koji(barley)),sugar,red pepper seasoning(water,red pepper powder,salt,garlic powder,paprika powder,glucose,ginger powder),pear puree 4%*pear,antioxidant(E300)),apple puree 1.2%(apple,antioxidantE300)),salt,cooking rice wine,flavour enhancersE627,E631),garlic paste,black pepper powder,acidity regulator(E330),thickener(E415),colour(E160c),capsicum,sesame.

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